Tuesday, February 6, 2018


50 Shades Of Red
& for the month of February is Showcasing
Designer LUMINESSE Exclusive
Luminesse Reveka Minali Set 
"In a room full of Art,
I still stare at you.."
Luminesse Reveka Minali Set 
These Gorgeous choker sets in warm gold with great shiny beads.  This set is a modern design with an abundance of gold circles, each holding a pretty bead in various colors.  The beads are in different rotations within each circle giving it an eye catching look.  Matching earring bear the same interest and style.  This set is very dynamic and can be worn with formal or casual attire making it a very useful treasure to have in your closet. 
Reveka is really beautiful and you'll find new ways to use it every day.

*LUM-Reveka Ciana Choker Set   -   *LUM-Reveka Minali Choker Set
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