Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Zaramour !!

Presents for March Round
Hollywood Glam
Showcasing Designer "Luminesse" Exclusive
Luminesse Zaramour Segovia Set
"Do what you have to do,
until you can do what you want to do.."
Luminesse Zaramour Segovia Set
These formal sets are super classy and gorgeous!  The neck band is formed from layered onyx in dark black with accents of various colored precious stones, the pendant is highly ornate in gold and black filigree metalwork, white diamonds, colorful gemstones and an amazing Tiger Cabochon in the center.  The matching earrings are extremely lovely.  The entire set sparkles in a really special way that guarantees all eyes will be on you!  Perfectly designed for any special event to accent your selected gown.  Take a stroll on the red carpet with Zaramour and you will be thrilled!
**This set includes our NEW scripting called Options Plus to allow users to adjust the size, brightness, shiny and glow!**
Luminesse Zaramour Segovia Set OP  &  Luminesse Zaramour Alavia Set OP
Check them out Exclusively @


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