Sunday, December 9, 2018


presents for the Month of December
Showcasing Designer LUMINESSE Exclusive
"Never get to busy making a living..
That you forget to make life."
Luminesse Izaria Pelaez Set OP
This is a stunning formal jewelry set creatively inspired by the Christmas Star.  The main gemstone is absolutely wonderful, with rich color and gleaming brightness, the star is designed with curled loops and pointed angles to create the perfect star shape with great decorative flair, contrasting metals of black and gold give it an enticing appearance that is ornately beautiful, the neck piece is made from highly complex gold links with a marquis diamond nestled on each one surrounded in a floral burst gold setting, the earrings match the set perfectly with the same lovely attributes.  This set is an amazing piece of design and meant to wear with the classiest of formal gowns or any other outfit you love.
                          Luminesse Izaria Pelaez Set OP      Luminesse Nanzia Pelaez Set OP                                    ~~~~~~~~~~~
The name IZARIA means "Star" and it's the  representative of
 the main Christmas Star design in this set.  
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