Wednesday, May 9, 2018


For the Month of May
is showcasing Designer Luminesse  Exclusive
"Luminesse Sayari Sets 
"If you can't do anything about it
 then let it go, don't be 
a prisoner to things you cant change.."

*LUM- Sayari Kalina - Red Gold
The name SAYARI means "Small Lily" and fits this design
as it speaks of the tiny lilies held in the golden cage.
*LUM- Sayari Kalina - Red Gold & *LUM-Sayari Tina Set - Purple Gold
This is a cute and delightful jewelry set, you can wear a little garden everywhere you go!  Beginning with rich gold metal, a cage pendant hangs on a lovely chain with flowers growing inside like a treasured tiny garden, surrounding this hangs sparkling diamond droplets all around, below are moonstone gems hanging in swirled cages, more moonstone elements decorate the entire design.  This set is sweetly imaginative and so pretty,
it will pair with all your spring and summer outfits perfectly.
Check it out Exclusively @

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