Thursday, August 24, 2017


August month gives you
Showcasing Designer "Luminesse" Exclusive
"Luminesse - Felini Sets"
"I have always thought of Accessories
as the Exclamation point of an Outfit"

"Luminesse - Felini Sets"
A sweet retro styled necklace set with simplicity and great style.  The necklace is shiny with lustrous pearls holding a pendant with a wonderful kitty.  This happy feline is black with a gemmed bowtie, studded edging, diamond white chest and gold serpantine markings, he sits on a pillow of gems.

  The background comes in various colors and styles giving each pendant a unique look.  A lace and diamond edging surrounds the pendant giving it a feminine look.  The earrings are in button style with matching pearls, background and large center diamond.  This set reminds us of the 50's and 60's in it's style and design.  We love our sweet little kitty Felini. 
He is a fine dapper cat ready to bring you a smile.

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